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PLC Privacy and Disclaimer

The is recognized for its commitment to safeguarding consumer privacy on our website. We operate under the following set of privacy principles.

  • The only personally identifiable information we obtain about individual visitors to this website is information that is supplied on a voluntary basis.

  • In cases when we may need personal information to provide visitors with customized content or to inform them about new features or services, visitors are explicitly asked for that information.

  • Personally identifiable information provided by visitors (name, e-mail, or home address, etc.) will not be disclosed to any third parties unless given express permission to do so.

  • Personally identifiable information will not be shared at any time for any reason without the permission of our visitors.

  • We employ strict security measures to safeguard online transactions. Personal information is stored in a secured database and always sent via an encrypted internet channel.

  • We will notify all visitors if we make significant changes to our privacy policy that may affect the use of our FREE information.

Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable for the following:

  • Case number has been established and assigned

  • Collection appointment has been scheduled and confirmed

  • Collection fee has been covered by the Paternity Lab Center.

  • Kits have been mailed/shipped (domestic/foreign).

  • Other (call for details) ...

If client has made payment in full for services and decides to cancel after any of the above have already been established, there will be a handling & processing fee deducted from refund payment. The amount of the handling & processing fee will vary depending on the type of case.

Hard Copy Results

  • Results for paternity/maternity DNA testing will be ready in 48 hours from the time the samples arrive to the lab, satisfaction guaranteed. Results for other types of DNA testing services can take up to five business days to complete.

  • You will receive a call with the results, and a digital copy will be sent via E-mail along with a survey, so that you can tell us how well we did or if we can do better. A hard copy can be mailed by request for a fee.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately by calling (800) 416-7407 or filling out the form on our site.

The Paternity Lab Center is a corporate partner to the DDC. We do not process any DNA samples onsite. All samples are sent to our lab affiliate.

PLC Privacy and Disclaimer

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