DNA Testing | Paternity Testing

  1. Immigration
  2. Adopted child
  3. Suspected baby switch
  4. In Vitro fertilization
  5. Personal knowledge and peace of mind
  6. Child custody and visitation
  7. Child support or termination of child support
  8. Estate or inheritance
  9. Infidelity Studies
  1. Run each test twice, following the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.
  2. Complete testing in 3 working days (7 working days for a prenatal test).
  3. Maintain your confidentiality using strict communication protocols.
  1. Blood & Blood Stains
  2. Semen
  3. Spit
  4. Chewing Gum
  5. Cigarette Butts
  6. Used Condoms
  7. Plucked Hair
  8. Toothbrushes

When choosing a DNA test or Paternity testing facility to handle something as important as your family, make sure that they have the proper accreditations, because we do!


Paternity Testing Services
Paternity DNA Testing

Maternity Testing Services
Maternity DNA Testing
DNA Testing Services
Legal DNA Testing Services
DNA Testing
Immigration DNA Testing Services
Immigration DNA Testing

Contact Paternity Lab Center To Handle Your Requests For DNA Testing In New Hampshire.

There are many men required to pay child support who questions whether they are really the father of the child.  The child support is court ordered, and many men feel stuck with this without a way to confirm paternity. 

If this paternity DNA testing in New Hampshire is what you are looking for; contact Paternity Lab Center.  We perform DNA testing in New Hampshire for many reasons; but paternity testing is the number one reason. 

If you need immigration DNA testing for an approved visa; we can help you.  We have convenient locations throughout New Hampshire to handle your DNA testing in your area.  We are committed to accuracy and privacy when it comes to DNA testing in all situations.

Each test is performed twice and they are AABB accredited.  Pick up the phone today and dial us at 1-800-416-7407 or complete the online request form at www.paternitylabcenter.com for a free consultation in New Hampshire. 

This process for DNA testing in New Hampshire is quick, pain-free, confidential and affordable.  We even offer payment plans for your convenience. 

DNA samples can be submitted from bloodstains, urine, semen, cigarette butts and even hair in order to complete the requirements for a paternity test. 

This process is very quick and accurate results are usually obtained within 3 business days.  DNA testing in any situation is personal so we respect your privacy and are very discreet in these matters.  Call Paternity Lab Center at 1-800-416-7407 to speak with a consultant in New Hampshire. 

Or you can complete the online request form at www.paternitylabcenter.com to obtain a free consultation and more information on DNA testing in New Hampshire. 


CALL NOW: (800) 416-7407


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DNA Testing Services

- DNA Testing
- Paternity Testing
- Maternity Testing
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