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Paternity Testing Services
Paternity DNA Testing

Maternity Testing Services
Maternity DNA Testing
DNA Testing Services
Legal DNA Testing Services
DNA Testing
Immigration DNA Testing Services
Immigration DNA Testing

If you're thinking about getting a DNA Test done there are many different types of tests that are available.  The first step would be to understand specifically what type of test you actually need.

DNA Testing Centers?  - DNA testing is a complex procedure that utilizes a person’s genetic coding to establish genetic connections and familial relationships. With over 2500 DNA testing centers nationwide we provide accurate testing that can be used for peace of mind or in a court of law for custody and child support. Read More....

Standard Trio Paternity Test – involves the testing of one Mother, one Child, and one Alleged Father.  

In a standard trio paternity test, we will collect samples from the mother, a child, and alleged father.  We encourage the mother's participation in the test as it helps to exclude one half of the child's DNA, leaving the other half for comparison with the alleged father's DNA.  Read More....


Motherless Paternity DNA Test – is another type of DNA test that the Paternity Lab Center offers.  We will test one Child and one Alleged Father.  The Average turnaround time for DNA testing is two business days from the receipt of all samples.  (NEXT business day options are available).

Standard pricing includes two to three (2-3) business day delivery from time all samples are received in lab.

CALL (800) 416-7407 FOR PRICING.


Maternity DNA Testing - A maternity test offered by the paternity lab center is a DNA test that determines whether a woman is the biological mother of a child. Maternity DNA testing requires the Child and Alleged Mother. If the father is not available, a fatherless test can be performed, without additional charge.  Read More....


Post Mortem Viability- This type of DNA test involves performing analysis on a sample from a deceased individual to determine if there is sufficient DNA to proceed with parentage testing.  Read More....


Paternity - Deceased Alleged Father DNA TEST – This type of DNA Test is performed when the alleged father is deceased.  In many cases, the Medical Examiner's Office can provide a blood or tissue sample.  Read More....


Grandparentage DNA Test - This type of test is used to determine whether a couple could be the biological grandparents of a child.  It used to determine the genetic relationships in the event an alleged father is deceased or unavailable for testing.  Grandparentage test results may be used as proof in Social Security benefit and other inheritance claims as well as in some immigration cases. Read More....


Genetic Reconstruction - Genetic reconstruction entails a series of DNA tests and is conducted to determine whether or not a child is related to the alleged father's close relatives.  This allows an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is not available for a paternity test.


Prenatal Testing with Amniocentesis - This type of DNA test can prove the paternity of a child before a child is born.  This is a medical procedure that is performed between 14-24 weeks gestational age.  It is recommended that The mother first discuss with her doctor (OB-GYN) the potential risks involved, along with making arrangements to have the procedure performed.  Read More....

Prenatal Testing with Chorionic Villus Sample (CVS)
- This type of DNA test can prove the paternity of a child before being born.  The CVS procedure is a sensitive medical procedure that typically is performed between 10-13 weeks gestational age.  This procedure is done by removing a very small portion of the placenta through a vaginal procedure.  Read More....


Siblingship - These studies provides the likelihood of a genetic relationship between two alleged brothers or sister.


Full Siblingship Dna Testing Study - Testing which is ordered for clients wanting to determine if they have both parents in common (sharing the same mother and the same father).  Read More....


Half Siblingship Study – This type of DNA test is ordered for clients who want to know if they have at least one parent in common (share the same mother OR the same father).  The Routine turnaround time for results is 5 working days from the receipt of all samples. Read More....


Twin Zygosity Test - This test is performed to definitively show whether sets of twins are fraternal or identical.  Read More....

Y-Chromosome Test - This type of DNA test can prove the paternity of two males within the same paternal lineage, and is typically done when the alleged father is deceased, the alleged paternal grandparents are deceased or unavailable, and there are no other samples available for testing.  Read More....

Semen Detection - This type of test is typically performed on a garment, undergarment or other item (pantiliner, etc.) when a person suspects another of infidelity or other sexual activity.  The results indicate whether the item is positive or negative for the presence of semen.  This type of test is NOT a DNA test.  Read More....




DNA Comparison Study * - This DNA test compares the DNA from a standard sample (usually a buccal swab from the cheek) to one DNA Profile detected in the DNA Detection Test.


*Note:  Since these samples are not collected under a strict chain of custody by a third neutral party, and the origin of the samples cannot be verified, this test may not be defensible in a court of law.


DNA Banking - DNA Banking allows individuals to store a sample of their DNA in a secure facility.  This is an excellent way to identify and locate a person using their DNA sample. Read More....


DNA Profiling - DNA Profiling allows individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile.  This unique combination of markers found in DNA serves as a permanent genetic ID.  Individuals may choose to obtain DNA profiles for themselves and their children in case identification is ever needed.  Read More....


5 reasons why you should use the Paternity Lab Center for your DNA testing needs:

  • We have never lost a Customer because of price.

  • We also provide mobile collection service if you need us to come to you.

  • On the day of your appointment you will not wait in long lines as we honor your time. Many customers come to our locations during their lunch hour.

  • After you’re collection is complete your samples will be sent to the lab via 2nd day courier.

  • The turnaround time for paternity and/or maternity DNA testing is approximately two business days from the time all samples arrive to the lab. For other types of DNA testing, such as postmortem viability testing or sibling DNA testing, the turnaround time will be five business days.



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